Conservation for Property Owners and Managers

Why Conserve?

In Long Beach, tenants in multi-family units use 1/3 of the City’s water supply, and property owners typically pay for the unit’s water bill. Conserving water in apartments and condominiums can be tricky, but property owners and tenants can conserve water together. Tenants can learn to become more water conscious, and property owners can install high efficiency appliances and fix leaks regularly. Also, make sure to remind tenants to come to you to get any leaks fixed. Let us help you conserve water both indoors and outdoors with our variety of incentives and programs.

Here’s a look at where our water in Long Beach comes from.

How to Conserve:  


I. Upgrade your property’s appliances and save water and energy using rebates on High Efficiency Toilets and High Efficiency Clothes Washers. Applications are only accepted online at SoCal Water$mart

To view available rebates for Apartment and Condominium Owners, visit our Rebates Page.

II. A lot of water used in an apartment or condomimium goes towards keeping a landscape green and lush. Replace your water-thirsty grass in the front yard and parkway with a beautiful drought tolerant garden using the Long Beach Water Department’s award-winning Lawn-to-Garden Program. Drought tolerant landscapes use only a quarter the amount of water needed for a grass lawn.


I. Looking for easy ways to save water in the property you manage? Read 11 simple steps for water conservation for apartment and condominium owners.