Urban Water Management Plan

Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP) are comprehensive planning documents that project water supplies and water demands 25 years into the future.  These plans also describe efforts to promote the efficient use and management of our limited water resources.

The Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners has adopted an UWMP every five years, with the first UWMP adopted in 1985 and the most current version being the 2015 UWMP. The 2015 UWMP and corresponding attachments are viewable by clicking on the links below.

2015 Urban Water Management Plan 

Attachments to 2015 UWMP:

Attachment 1: City of Long Beach Climate Resiliency Assessment Report
Attachment 2: MWD 2015 Regional UWMP
Attachment 3: DWR Bulletin 118 Basin Description: Central Basin
Attachment 4: DWR Bulletin 118 Basin Description: West Coast Basin
Attachment 5: Central Basin Third Amended Judgment
Attachment 6: WRD Engineers Survey and Report, FY 2013-2014
Attachment 7: WRD Watermaster’s Central Basin Report, FY 2013-2014
Attachment 8: LBWD Recycled Water Master Plan
Attachment 9: MWD Act
Attachment 10: LBWD Water Conservation and Water Supply Shortage Plan
Attachment 11: LBWD Rules, Regulations, and Charges
Attachment 12: LBWD Board Resolution Number WD-1267
Attachment 13: LBWD 2015 AWWA Water Losses
Attachment 14: CUWCC BMP Coverage Report