Best Management Practices for Pool & Spa Owners

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Best Management Practices for Pool and Spa Owners

Southern California is facing a severe shortage and is currently draining emergency supplies of water. The situation could turn dire if we do not receive heavy rains during the winter. We are encouraging our residents to do the right thing and conserve as much water as possible. Past water restrictions have focused on water used for irrigating landscapes including limiting watering days and times. Customers with lawns have stepped up to comply with these prohibitions. LBWD is now reaching out to pool and spa owners to do their part in conserving water. 

LBWD has put together a list of best management practices for pool and spa owners that will reduce potentially wasted water. If a pool and spa are properly maintained, the only instances where draining and refilling would be required is to follow public health regulations and complete structural repairs. 


  • Pools covers significantly reduce water lost to evaporation. Pool covers not only conserve water but also reduce the need for chemicals and reduce energy costs for heated pools.
  • Shut off all water features including waterfalls and fountains to reduce water loss and evaporation.
  •  Check the pool periodically for leaks.
  •  Use a cartridge pool filter which does not require backwashing.
  •  Incorporate a pre-filter into your system which can reduce the water needed to clean sand and cartridge filters.
  •  Keep pools and pool filters clean to minimize the frequency of filter backwashing. Check automatic timers to adjust the frequency and duration. If possible, utilize filter backwash water on lawns or shrubs (if chlorine levels are acceptable at less than 3 mg/L).
  •  Lower pool temperatures to reduce the water lost to evaporation and save energy.
  •  Plug the overflow line when pool is in use.


  •  Spas should also be equipped with a cover.
  •  Maintain chemicals to extend water life.
  •  Check the equipment for leaks.
  •  Check with your pool service professional for new technology that helps keep the water clean and reduce the need to drain the spa.