Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Toilet 

Toilets are the largest amount of water used inside your home, with approximately 30% going toward flushing the toilet. The average person flushes about 5 times per day, making this a worthwhile upgrade. 

High efficiency toilets qualify for an $80 rebate by visiting socalwatersmart.com. Eligible models have been performance tested and can add up to big savings. 


  • Figure out when your toilet was manufactured, or how many gallons per flush (gpf) it uses. Look for the manufacturer's date stamp or gpf label. On most toilets, one of these indicators can be found behing the seat hinge on the bowl, on the wall of the toilet tank, or on the underside of the tank lid. 
  • Search for high-efficiency toilets that you can install in your bathroom. Rebates are only offered for toilets with a gallon per flush (gpf) of 1.06 or less.