Home Water Tips


So you're thinking about water conservation...below you can find information and recommendations to help you save water and money!
If you have any questions regarding water conservation, you can email WaterConservation@lbwater.org or call (562) 570-2455.


How do you Live H2O, Long Beach?
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Flush Wisely

Take a one song shower

Shave with water off

Turn off water while brushing

Upgrade to high-efficiency showerheads

Upgrade to a high-efficiency toilet

Check for shower leaks

Stop a leaky toilet

Install Faucet Aerators

Fill Clothes Washer


Wash dishes efficiently

Only wash what's necessary


Rinse Food Efficiently

Upgrade to a high-efficiency washer

Run a full dishwasher


Upgrade your dishwasher




 Lawn to Garden Program
Are you thinking about upgrading your water-guzzling grass lawn to a beautiful drought tolerant landscape?
We are accepting applications; complete a garden makeover and receive up to $3,750!



Upgrade to Drip Irrigation



Mulch Under Shrubs and Trees 

Check Plants for Overwatering

Use your hose efficiently

Vegetable Garden Irrigation 

Soil Moisture Sensor 

Use an irrigation controller


Split Irrigation Zones

Reduce the Pressure 

Water at dawn or dusk 

Don't Waste Pool Water 

Waterless Car Wash