Home Water Tips


Thank you for conserving water! Below you can find information and recommendations to help you save even more water. If you have any questions regarding water conservation, you can email WaterConservation@lbwater.org or call (562) 570-2455.

Stay up-to-date on the latest conservation news and ways to join the mission by visiting MissionH2OLB. 


Conserve in the winter to save year-round

Sewer bills are based on your average water use from December through March each year. Conserving water during the winter months will reduce your sewer bills for the rest of the year. 

Replace grass with native plants 
Stop irrigating when it rains 
Upgrade to a high-efficiency toilet 
Reduce Shower to 5-Minutes 
Only wash what's necessary 
Install faucet aerators
Mulch Under Shrubs and Trees 
Don't Wash If You Can Sweep 
Upgrade Your Water Softener 
Stop a Leaky Toilet  
Reduce the Pressure 
Don't Waste Pool Water 
Change to Drip Irrigation
Use a High-Efficiency Washer 
Water at Dawn or Dusk 
Think Before You Flush