LA River Project

Los Angeles River Drinking Water Source Pilot Program


In order to explore options to diversify our local water resource portfolio, LBWD is embarking on an innovative new pilot project to study if the Los Angeles River water can be treated safely, cost-effectively and efficiently for use by LBWD. A diverse water supply portfolio is an important sustainability measure and can provide important resiliency for our community’s water supply in the face of looming long-term water supply challenges.


Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) is researching the technical feasibility and costs of treating Los Angeles River runoff to drinking water standards for our consumption. The water in the river is a combination of urban runoff, upstream wastewater treatment plant secondary effluent discharges, as well as storm water.


LBWD intends to operate this pilot plant for approximately two years to gather necessary data in order to evaluate the treatability of the water and the economics of plant operation.  

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Parties Involved:

Long Beach Water Department (LBWD)

Henningson, Durham & Richardson, Inc (HDR)

DRP Engineering, Inc