Long Beach Water Rocks!

On November 21, 2009, the Long Beach Water Department, in conjunction with Wilson High School and the Rock Club, held the inaugural Long Beach Water Rocks! Battle of the Bands – Water Conservation Event.  Five bands, made up of nearly 50 students, performed multiple-song sets, including one water conservation specific song for a crowd of family, friends and other community members.  The event was a success and helped to further promote the cause of water conservation in Long Beach through the use of music.

The Long Beach Water Department sponsored the event as part of its ongoing effort to reach out to people of all ages to encourage them to use water in efficient and responsible ways. LBWD supports the Long Beach community by offering a diverse array of programs that serve to educate people how to save water at their homes, businesses, and schools.

This program and event provided us with the perfect opportunity to educate our city’s younger residents on the numerous benefits of water conservation. By engaging our younger generations at an earlier age, we significantly increase the likelihood that they will grow up to be intelligent and responsible users of water.