Field Testing

The Water Department’s water quality experts continuously sample and test the City's drinking water throughout our water distribution system to ensure drinking water meets or betters all primary (health-related) and secondary (esthetic) regulatory standards. During Fiscal Year 2012, the Department's skilled water scientists, engineers and technicians performed over 72,000 water quality tests to analyze for more than 100 drinking water contaminants.

Test results on the City's water consistently show that regulated constituents of drinking water are either not detected or are present in amounts far below limits permitted by Federal and State drinking water standards.

Water quality employees are able to quickly respond to any instances of water that tastes or smells different from usual.

More Information

For questions about Water Quality please contact lab services at:

(562) 570-2491 Or
(562) 570-2482

You may also contact our water emergency services division 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (562) 570-2390.