Shower Leaks

Fix Leaking Showerheads

Fixing a leaky showerhead can be quick and easy. Check your showerhead regularly and fix leaks immediately.

Next steps:

  • Turn on shower and inspect your showerhead for signs of a leak, such as abnormal spraying or dripping. Even small leaks should be fixed right away. 
  • Turn the shower off.
  • Using a pair of pliers, tuen the showerhead couter clockwise until it is detached from the stem.
  • Remove the rubber gasket from inside the showerhead. If it's worn out, take it ti the hardware store, purchase the same style, and replace it. 
  • Using a clean rag, wipe the threads of the shower stem to remove any dirt. 
  • Wrap teflon tape tightly around the threads, in a clockwise direction. 
  • Screw the showerhead back on. Ensure that it isn't loose, but don't over tighten it. 
  • Turn the showerhead on and inspect for leaks.