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2005-2006 Budget Briefing

A presentation to the Long Beach City Council
By: Kevin L. Wattier, General Manager
On: September 6, 2005

LBWD Administration Building - Demonstration Garden

A presentation to the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners
By: Matthew Lyons, Manager of Planning & Conservation
On: September 22, 2005

Desalting Plant Siting Raises Fears

Locating desalination facilities next to coastal power generators could extend the use of intakes that kill marine life, environmentalists say.

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De-salting the Pacific

Long Beach's Water Department already has come up with an innovative way to make seawater drinkable at a lower cost. Now the challenge is to make the process friendly to sea creatures. Two state grants, approved last week, should help make that possible. The first, for $1 million, will go toward completing a prototype desalination plant near the Haynes Generating Station in East Long Beach. The second, for $2 million, will be used to test a new way to collect seawater without destroying fish eggs and small organisms.

Developing an Experimental Protocol for Evaluating Low-pressure Desalting Membranes for Seawater Desalination

A presentation to the American Water Works Association 2005 Membrane Technology Conference
By: Tai J. Tseng, Water Treatment Superintendent
Dr. Robert C. Cheng, Director of Operations
Diem X. Vuong, Assistant General Manager
Kevin L. Wattier, General Manager
On: March 7, 2005

Testimony before the Subcommittee on Water and Power United States House of Representatives May 24, 2005

Mr. Chairman, thank you for the invitation to speak before this distinguished Subcommittee today.
My name is Kevin Wattier and I am General Manager of Long Beach Water, an urban municipal water supply agency located in Long Beach, California. I am a licensed Professional Engineer and Grade 5 Water Treatment Operator.