Is Your Bill Unexplainably High?

In our continued effort to provide the best customer service while assisting in conserving our most precious resource, the Department provides a couple of convenient methods to investigate why a bill may be unexplainably high.

A fast and friendly self-home water audit, which the customer can conduct at any time of convenience, can be accessed by clicking here. It provides a ready and easy method of determining if a problem exists that may be causing a higher-than-normal bill.

Also, the Department dedicates one full-time person exclusively for the purpose of responding to requests for high water bill investigations. These can be performed at either the customer's request or as a result of a meter read that falls outside the "normal" range of usage during a bill period.

Investigations are conducted by appointment, most often in the presence of the persons requesting the service. Leak detection is pursued visually and with sounding devices. Plumbing fixtures inside of structures are inspected; particularly toilets, which are dye tested. Service lines, property valves, faucets, and sprinkler systems are inspected outside of structures. In the absence of leaks, evidence of extensive landscape irrigation is noted.

Investigation results are returned to the City's Commercial Services Bureau and water bill adjustments can be made according to the Department’s policy. The Department's Rules and Regulations provide for shut-off if leaks are not repaired in a reasonable period.

More Information

If you feel that you have a higher than usual water bill, please try our self-home water audit. If you need further assistance, please call the Commercial Services Bureau at (562) 570-5700

Self Home Water Audit