On behalf of the Long Beach Water Department, I personally welcome you to our newly redesigned website, which I know you will find both useful and informative. We’ve designed this website to focus on providing you a smooth and easy experience. We value your precious time, so we put your needs up front to make it easy to find what you need – whether that’s to pay your bill, find information on saving water, checking design guidelines or even reporting an emergency.

Long Beach Water and our customers have long embraced an ethic of efficiency in our water use in order to ensure a sustainable water supply for our collective future. Our long-standing Long Beach commitment was evidenced in the extraordinary savings our customers delivered during the recent historic drought and in the savings our community still delivers. The State has now transitioned from the critical emergency condition of the past few years and has developed a new long-term water efficiency goal, so that the responsible use of limited water supplies will soon simply be the way of life for all Californians.

We continue to find creative ways to “hack” our water use, and meet our community’s diverse needs with innovative programs. Our Certified Blue Restaurant program, for example, recognizes eateries in Long Beach that commit to water efficient practices, and we’re developing other cutting-edge programs for businesses and residents, whether you happen to live in a single family house, an apartment complex or a downtown loft.

Long Beach Water continually reinvests in the upkeep and strategic replacement of our 1,600 miles of underground water and sewer pipeline systems. As evidence of our ongoing investment, we have one of the lowest system leak rates in the industry.  Additionally, we continue to find innovative cost-effective ways to secure our current and future water supplies, looking for ways to diversify our sources of water supplies, providing our customers the tools and support needed to continue saving water.

Since 1911, when we first began providing water service to our community, Long Beach Water has built strong partnerships with people who live, work and play in our city, our business community, our many diverse neighborhoods, and with other water agencies throughout California. Today, as always, Long Beach Water remains deeply committed to providing our community partners with exceptional water and exceptional service you’ve come to expect.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Chris Garner
General Manager


Water & Sewer System Design Guidelines