Board And Agendas

Current Board of Water Commissioners

Since 1931, the Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) has been governed by a Board of five Water Commissioners, each appointed to a five-year term by the Mayor, subject to approval of the City Council. The overlapping terms of the Board members provide necessary continuity and bring to the Department the combined expertise of the members’ business and professional backgrounds. In addition to the five current Commissioners, 63 residents of the City have served as members of the Board.

The City Charter entrusts the Board with significant responsibility and authority. The Board is charged with full jurisdiction over all water works necessary to the acquisition, treatment, sale, and distribution of water served to the City and is responsible for the collection and disposal of the City’s sanitary sewage.

Among other duties, the Board has authority to acquire or sell real property, to construct and operate facilities, to purchase equipment and enter into contracts. The Board establishes LBWD’s missions and goals, and adopts policies and strategies to meet these ends. The Board submits an annual budget  to the City Council, fixes water and sewer rates, hires the General Manager and establishes compensation for all LBWD employees.


Water & Sewer System Design Guidelines