Business & Special Service FAQs

Water Services

Is each apartment/condominium unit required to have its own water meter?

Submetering is required for new constructions of multi-family residential buildings or mixed-use residential and commercial buildings. For more information, see our Submetering FAQ.

Do I need a separate irrigation and domestic service?

Mixed-use developments and sites with certain landscape areas require separate meters. See our water meter requirements here.

How do I request a new water meter/service?

Information regarding installation of new domestic and fire service water meters can be found on our website under “Potable Water Service.

Do I need a backflow device?

Backflow device requirements vary by project. Information regarding these requirements, backflow plan checks, and testing can be found here.

Temporary Service Connections
(Construction Water Meters)

1. How do I request a temporary construction/hydrant meter?

A construction water meter must be requested directly from the Long Beach Water Department front counter at 1800 E. Wardlow Rd., Long Beach, CA 90807. For more information, please go here Temporary Service Connections.

Water Pressure

How do I find the water pressure at a site?

A city-wide pressure distribution map can be found here and will provide an estimated range of pressures in the area. For more site-specific information, a fire flow test can be requested. Fire flow test information can be found here.

Sewer Services

How do I request a new sewer service?

Sewer services must be requested from Long Beach Public Works. Please visit “Sewer Service” in our website for more information.

Do I need a grease interceptor or grease trap?

Sewer protection is required for certain projects. For more information regarding these requirements and the sewer protection plan checks, please visit our site here.

Existing Utility Information

Where can I find utility information for a particular area/address?

What is the depth of the sewer main/service at a site?

Depth varies with each sewer pipeline. Information will need to be acquired through a field inspection.


Water & Sewer System Design Guidelines