Off-site Utilities Plan

The Developer and the Designers shall make consideration for requirements of the Long Beach Water Department for water and sewer connections.  Depending on the type of project, the Developer must engage a Registered Civil Engineer to create the Off-site Utilities Plan.  The Off-site Utilities Plan and Sewer Service Installation form shall be approved prior to the contractor requesting new water services and/or sewer lateral installation.  The Civil Engineer shall contact LBWD to secure a map of existing water and sewer facilities.  The plan must show the existing and proposed locations of water and sewer facilities, and describe who (contractor or LBWD) will install them.  The engineer should include applicable Construction Notes for Off-Site Water and Sewer Plans.

Water service size confirmation:

LBWD reviews plumbing plans for compliance with backflow requirements. Water service sizing will be confirmed during backflow plan check.  The Plumbing or Mechanical Engineer must determine the peak demand and size of the service(s).  Refer to LBWD’s Backflow Plan Check Information Form, and 2.0 DESIGN CRITERIA FOR POTABLE WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS.

Larger Water Service Locations:

Projects with no setbacks (“zero-property-line buildings”) require special attention to locate DCDA’s and water meter assemblies sized four inches and greater.  Refer to Section 2.5 Service Installations of the 2.0 DESIGN CRITERIA FOR POTABLE WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS.

Demolition and Shoring Plans:

Please address the appropriate construction notes and sections of the Construction Notes for Off-Site Water and Sewer Plans. Items of concern include the following:

Kill Tap Required:

Projects involving the demolition of existing buildings shall order or perform kill taps to existing water service laterals that they will not need for the new building.

Existing Sewer Laterals:

For most projects, all existing sewer laterals must be capped 2 feet from the property line (in the public right-of-way), and new cut-in sewer laterals must be installed.

Contact Us:

For any questions related to your service installation request, please contact us at:

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Please submit your plumbing plans that meet the requirements listed hereon through LBWD’s online portal, Laserfiche, at the following link:

Grease Trap/Interceptor Plan

Engineering Development Front Desk Hours

The Engineering Development front counter is open for walk-ins during regular business hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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For any existing grease devices that will be utilized after a renovation or for a new facility or business, an inspection by LBWD is required. The device must be empty and clean prior to arrival of the inspector. Please call (562) 570‐2419 to make an inspection appointment.

For any questions related to the Grease Trap/Interceptor review process, please contact us at:

Call: (562) 570-2419

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Water & Sewer System Design Guidelines