High Water Bills

If you have an unusually high Long Beach Water bill, you can conduct a water evaluation to see where the problem may be. Please read the sections below to learn about common causes for higher than usual water bills, how to check for water leaks, and how to apply for a water bill adjustment if your increased usage is due to a hidden or underground leak.

If you require further assistance with detecting a possible water leak, please call: (562) 570-5700 for residential/individually metered accounts or (562)570-2412 for all other accounts, including commercial accounts.

View details about your water use history and set up proactive alerts that can help you prevent a high bill in the future by logging into your free WaterSmart customer portal today at lbwater.watersmart.com!

Effective October 1, 2020, the average single-family residential customer in Long Beach using 10 billing units of water each month would be billed approximately $54.15 per month. For 10 billing units of sewer charges each month, the average customer would be billed $10.32 per month.

LBWD’s Cost of Service and Rate Study Report includes the development of potable water, recycled water and sewer rates that are both fair and consistent with Proposition 218 based on the most current industry information available. The report summarizes the key findings and results related to the revisions of the tiers, rates, daily service charges, and customer impacts. To read the report click here.

To view the Long Beach Water Department’s latest Fiscal Year Budget, click here.

Water & Sewer System Design Guidelines