Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit Request


Completed Discharge Permit Application Form including Forms A through D from the Los Angeles County Sanitation District’s (LACSD) website.

For additional information, refer to LACSD’s Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program.

A copy of your engineering plans, which clearly identifies the following: 

  • Source of wastewater generated by your facility for discharge into the City’s sanitary sewer system
  • Point of connection or your facility to the City’s sanitary sewer system
  • Sampling point where wastewater samples are to be taken by LACSD
  • Wastewater treatment facilities to treat your wastewater before discharging into the City’s sanitary sewer system
  • Flow diagram showing how your facility’s wastewater flows from the wastewater source to the City’s sanitary sewer system


Full payment: Please make your check payable to Long Beach Water Department. For applicable fees, see LBWD Rules & Regulations (View Appendix B on Page 81).


Upon receipt of your payment and approval of your permit application, LBWD will forward your documents to LACSD for further processing and approval.

Please allow a minimum of 4-6 months for the processing and approval of your permit.

 For any questions related to your industrial wastewater discharge permit application, please contact us at:

Call: (562) 570-2419

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