Long Beach Water Department Encourages its Customers to Continue Their Commitment to Water-Saving Lifestyles as Governor Newsom Calls for Voluntary Reductions

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

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Long Beach Water Department Encourages its Customers to Continue Their Commitment to Water-Saving Lifestyles as Governor Newsom Calls for Voluntary Reductions
Saving Water Every Day Is the Long Beach Way 

Long Beach, California – Long Beach Water Department encourages residents and businesses to keep up the good work in saving water as Governor Newsom calls on every Californian to voluntarily reduce their water use by 15 percent. Long Beach is a great example to the state of how a community can transform beautifully with our water-wise lifestyles.

“Southern California, as a whole, and Long Beach Water are prepared for this year’s dry conditions thanks to sound planning and major investments by the region,” said Frank Martinez, president of the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners. “However, our community still has to continue to be diligent about saving as much water as we can. Every drop of water saved is one drop of water we don’t need to take out of emergency storage.”

Long Beach has long embraced the state’s “Water Conservation as a Way of Life” mindset. As the last drought ended, the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners had the foresight to continue Long Beach’s Stage 1 Water Supply Shortage regulations such as watering your landscape no more than three times a week in the summer and two times a week in the winter. Should drought conditions worsen, the Board of Water Commissioners can implement more stringent regulations as needed.

“Maintaining a water-efficient lifestyle will always be necessary. We have to keep up our good work to save water every day and, in every way,” said Chris Garner, general manager of the Long Beach Water Department. “We’re proud of our commitment to sustainability to keep our Long Beach lifestyle strong.”

There are simple and easy things you can do to save water: take a shower to the length of one 3-5 minute song, turn off the water when brushing your teeth and follow the outdoor watering schedule of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only before 9am or after 4pm. Small habits add up to big water savings.

As California faces increasing risk of water scarcity brought on by climate change, the Long Beach Water Department already supports water use efficiency as the Long Beach way of life through various programs to help our residents and businesses.

  • The Lawn-To-Garden (L2G) program helps residents convert their water-thirsty and non-functional grass in their front yards and backyards into water efficient and sustainable landscapes that provide multiple benefits for the environment, such as capturing stormwater, reducing runoff and developing habitat for birds and butterflies. To date, more than 3.6 million square feet of water-guzzling turf has been replaced with beautiful, water-wise landscapes. To be part of the change, visit
  • The Certified Blue Restaurant program has already rewarded over 70 local restaurants for installing water-saving devices by featuring them on social media and promoting them through annual pub crawl style events. To certify your restaurant in water use efficiency, visit
  • Rebates for water-saving devices are available for your home and business, such as toilets, clothes washers, and rotating sprinkler nozzles. For more information visit
  • Long Beach Water is piloting new programs that allow all of our customers to contribute to water savings, such as the Direct Install Gardens program that provides a water-wise landscape conversion free of charge to low-income residents living in historically underserved neighborhoods impacted by environmental pollution. To apply for a Direct Install Garden visit
  • With newly installed smart water meters across the city, Long Beach Water is giving customers new tools to help them monitor their water usage more efficiently and proactively. To register and log into your free WaterSmart customer portal, visit
  • A newly redesigned LiveH2OLB campaign website with more resources and tips to save water is coming this summer. There, you can calculate your ideal water use, listen to one-song shower playlists, and play the Conservin’ Mervyn videogame. To stay up to date, visit


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