Long Beach Water Department Launches Redesigned LiveH2OLB Campaign To Support Saving Water As The Long Beach Way Of Life

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Long Beach Water Department Launches Redesigned LiveH2OLB Campaign To Support Saving Water As The Long Beach Way Of Life

Long Beach, California – To encourage water-wise behavior and promote the different resources available to businesses and residents to conserve water, the Long Beach Water Department has refreshed their signature LiveH2OLB campaign.

Featuring a new liveh2olb.com site, the department now offers a one-stop-shop for Long Beach community members to access programs and tools available to them to help save water and money.

Long Beach Water Department already supports water use efficiency as the Long Beach way of life through various programs to help residents and businesses including Lawn-to-Garden (L2G), Certified Blue Restaurants (CBR), Direct Install Gardens (DIG), and more. Community members wanting a menu of options and strategies to help them achieve water savings can now access all available programs and tools from one convenient location.

The site features additional resources, tips, and games to encourage the community to save more water, including a tool to calculate ideal water use, and a retro-style Conservin’ Mervyn videogame.

The campaign refresh also features a toolkit with social media captions, newsletter content, and graphics for Long Beach leaders to help increase residents’ awareness of the many resources available for them to save water and money.

The LiveH2OLB campaign is the evolution of the MissionH2OLB campaign, which was a response to the last statewide emergency drought.

“In the past, multiple tactics, including engaging local musicians, artists, influencers and partners, as well as digital and in-person outreach, were used to promote LiveH2OLB and proved very successful,” said Chris Garner, general manager of the Long Beach Water Department. “The new campaign builds on that strong foundation and vision.”

Long Beach has continued to embrace the state’s “Water Conservation as a Way of Life” mindset.

“In Long Beach, our water usage today is barely higher than it was in 2015, which is an amazing testament to the culture of conservation our community maintains,” said Frank Martinez, president of the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners. “Long Beach Water Department continues to encourage residents and businesses to keep up the good work in saving water.”

Small habits add up to big water savings. Visit liveh2olb.com to learn about simple and easy things you can do to save water.



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