Long Beach Water Department Urges Water Use Reduction Amidst Regional Drought

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

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Long Beach Water Department Urges Water Use Reduction Amidst Regional Drought

Conserving Water is Everyone’s Responsibility 

Long Beach, California – On Tuesday, November 9, the Board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) declared a Regional Drought Emergency, calling for increased water conservation as well as expanding rebates and water-efficiency programs.   

“The Long Beach Water Department relies upon MWD for 40% of our water supply, importing water from Northern California and the Colorado River,” said the President of the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners, Bob Shannon. “And while we commend the past water conservation efforts of our residents and businesses, the MWD declaration of a Regional Drought Emergency should be taken  seriously throughout Southern California. Therefore, we in Long Beach must increase our focus and our efforts in water conservation and efficient water usage.” 

Long Beach has long embraced the state’s “Water Conservation as a Way of Life” mindset.  Water uses prohibited by the Governor’s October 19 Proclamation of a State Emergency were already, and continue to be, prohibited by the Long Beach Water Department. As the last drought ended, the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners extended Long Beach’s Stage 1 Water Supply Shortage regulations which include: 

  • Watering landscape no more than three times a week in the summer and two times a week in the winter 
  • Watering landscape only before 9am or after 4pm 
  • Watering landscape only up to 10 minutes per station per watering day 

In 2018, the State of California issued permanent Water Use Restrictions which make the following requirements of Californians: 

  • Washing a vehicle with a hose that has a water shut-off nozzle or device attached to the hose that prevents water from running continuously while washing. 
  • No washing hardscape (driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, patios, other outdoor impermeable surface areas) with a hose, unless using a pressurized cleaning device. A simple spray nozzle does not qualify as a water-conserving pressurized cleaning device. 

Should drought conditions worsen, the Board of Water Commissioners will consider additional actions as outlined in the Water Conservation and Shortage Plan, such as additional restrictions on outdoor watering, which can make up over 55 % of a single-family residence’s water use.   

Long Beach Water is continuously working to develop innovative and equitable water use efficiency programs and outreach campaigns to help our residents and businesses voluntarily save water. In addition to the recent conversion to smart water meters to help customers monitor their household water use, the department also offers numerous discounts and incentives, including a discounted Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Long Beach Water customers can learn more at calwep.rachio.com. 

“Maintaining a water efficient lifestyle will always be necessary,” said Chris Garner, General Manager of the Long Beach Water Department. “Every drop of water saved through conservation is one drop of water we don’t need to take out of emergency storage.” 

There are simple and easy things Long Beach residents can do to save water: 

  • Turn off your faucet when brushing your teeth 
  • Run the dishwasher only when full 
  • Fix leaks and switch to high-efficiency appliances 

For more information, water saving hacks, and tips, visit LiveH2OLB.com. 



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