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Long Beach Water’s Updates and COVID-19 Response

Long Beach Water assures community your tap water is safe to drink
The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has no impact on the quality or supply of Long Beach’s tap water. This outbreak should not disrupt water or sewer service to Long Beach Water customers. Your tap water is safe, available and plentiful.

In Long Beach, our water undergoes a multi-stage treatment process to eliminate pathogens, which includes viruses, and rigorous testing to ensure it meets strict federal and state standards. A number of measures are continually taken to ensure water safety starting with source water protection and treatment of water.

Long Beach Water is following all state and federal health and water quality guidelines relating to COVID-19 and will continue to maintain any compliance practices if new regulations are developed.

For COVID-19 updates please visit

Building now back open to the public 
Long Beach Water’s Administration Building (1800 E Wardlow Road) is now back open to the public. Please do not enter the facility if you are feeling sick.

The Board of Water Commissioners’ meetings are now back in-person. Please visit the Legistar page to find the latest information on meeting schedule and agendas.

All services are back open for in-person visits or service counter assistance. Services are still available via phone, online and email as well. Please refer to the program information below for the following services.

Engineering and development services, including design checks and planning for water/sewer projects

Lawn-to-Garden or other water conservation programs

Water/sewer bill payment or bill questions

Water/sewer emergencies

  • For water/sewer emergencies call 562.570.2390

Helping residents and businesses during this time
To aid residents and businesses financially during this difficult time, Long Beach Water is temporarily suspending water shutoffs for nonpayment and the City will be suspending penalties and interest for late payments of utilities. The length of time for this suspension will follow guidance and declarations by local, state and federal health and safety officials. The shutoff suspension ensures that all residents can take necessary precautions to protect themselves and continue washing their hands.

Resources for students and teachers
Long Beach Water/Energy Resources/Environmental Services Bureau have made their K-8 environmental education online resources available for students and teachers. To access the digital games and workbooks that teach students about water and energy conservation and waste reduction click here.

Commercial customers
Effective April 2, 2020 the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners approved enforcement of the City’s Health Order to, as a last resort, shut off water service to non-essential businesses operating in violation of the health order. To view the order click here.

Stagnant water in pipes can cause unhealthy water conditions to develop and grow in those pipes. All businesses should ensure their water system is safe to use before reopening by following the CDC’s Guidance for Building Water Systems.


Water & Sewer System Design Guidelines