Region asked to conserve more during pipeline repair


Aug. 15, 2022

Contact:  Lauren Gold, Public Information Officer
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LONG BEACH, CALIF. (AUG. 15, 2022) — An emergency repair to a pipeline bringing water to Southern California has led to a regional call for significant water use reduction for up to 15 days starting Sept. 6.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, or MWD, the agency that provides imported water to much of the region, needs to repair a leaking pipeline that brings water from the Colorado River to the region.

About 30 percent of Long Beach Water is purchased from MWD, with the rest coming from local groundwater wells and reclaimed water facilities.

The pipeline, called the Upper Feeder, will be shut down during the repair, impacting already strained supplies of imported water from the Colorado River Aqueduct and the State Water Project in Northern California.

MWD is calling on residents of areas that receive water through this pipeline to do everything they can do reduce water use while the pipeline is shut down, emphasizing that the most effective way to do it is to suspend all outdoor watering.

In response to MWD’s call, Long Beach Water asks customers to limit water use, both indoors and outdoors, as much as possible during this period to reduce impacts to our region and help safeguard our future water supply.

MWD’s call for a temporary, drastic reduction in water use does not diminish Long Beach’s overall success in water conservation. Our community continues to lead the region in water conservation amid unprecedented drought, saving 14 percent in July compared with 2020 water use numbers.

Saving additional water during MWD’s pipeline construction will help Long Beach continue to show leadership in saving water. Our efforts also support the entire region in creating a sustainable future as we all face the impacts of climate change.

As soon as MWD’s emergency repair is completed, we will notify customers that outdoor watering can resume two days a week under Stage 2 of our water supply shortage plan.

As an agency, Long Beach Water remains committed to enhancing our local water system to avoid dependence on imported water. This includes a robust plan already in progress to invest in groundwater wells throughout the city to maximize our local, reliable source of drinking water.

Long Beach residents looking for new ways to save water can take advantage of programs we offer such as Lawn-to-Garden, which gives a cash incentive to those who tear out their lawn and install a drought-friendly garden.

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