PRSV Online Application

Property Owners / Property Managers please fill out the contact form to register for your free replacement and installation of high efficiency pre-rinse spray valves and faucet aerators, please complete this form in its entirety.

Following your registration, our program representative will contact you to schedule your installation. If you require assistance, email

Property Information
Retrofit Information
  • 1. I agree to give my existing pre-rinse spray valve(s) and faucet aerator(s) to the Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) at the time of installation and without payment therefor.
    2. I acknowledge that, once installed by LBWD, the pre-rinse spray valve(s) and faucet aerator(s) will become my property, and I will be responsible for their maintenance.
    3. I acknowledge that LBWD is not the manufacturer of the products installed under the Program and that LBWD makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, concerning such products or equipment or their installation or any potential cost savings therefrom.
    4. I agree to release LBWD and its directors, employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors, successors, assigns, sponsors, and project partners from any and all liability, losses, expenses, damages, costs and fees (including legal fees and expenses), arising out of any claims, demands, suits, judgments, pending or threatened, sustained by me as a result of the installation or use of any products or equipment installed under the Program.
    5. I acknowledge that LBWD will collect my business contact information as a part of my participation in the Program for the purposes of administering the Program, evaluating the effectiveness of the Program, and undertaking analysis and research to inform changes to existing programs and the design of new water efficiency programs.
    6. I am providing my consent to LBWD to contact me through the means I have provided on the registration form for the purposes of administering, evaluating, and researching all elements of the Program and to inform participants about other water reduction incentives or programs.
    7. I understand that LBWD reserves the right to deny an applicant if (i) total registration has surpassed the limit, (ii) in LBWD’s sole discretion it determines that my business does not meet eligibility criteria, or (iii) for any other reason at the LBWD’s sole discretion.


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