Water use efficiency is our way of life in Long Beach. 

There are many programs and easy water hacks to help you save water and money.

Watch how our our CSULB student athletes save water every day.

Save Water

There are many easy ways to save water. Click here to find your favorite “water hacks.”


In partnership with the California Native Plant Society, Long Beach Water is offering the Native Plant Parkway program to simplify the turf in your parkway with our environment’s best, natural safeguard against water waste – native plants! The Native Plant Parkway program gives you free resources and supplies to convert your parkway from turf to a native landscape. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.

Turf Replacement

Learn more and apply for the Lawn-to-Garden financial incentive by visiting the Lawn-to-Garden website. Long Beach residents that meet certain requirements may be eligible to receive an incentive to remove their thirsty grass lawns and replace them with beautiful, California-friendly landscapes.


The SoCal Water$mart program makes it easy to find information on water-saving devices and apply for your rebate. Visit their website for rebate rules, approved device models and the online application.

If you are a property manager interested in rebates available for your complex, click here to see the multi-family rebates.


Water & Sewer System Design Guidelines