Making it Easy 

We have developed five different planting designs to help simplify your parkway transformation. Each of the five design plans feature an artful mix of California Native low-growing groundcovers and shrubs that are uniquely adapted to thrive in our Long Beach climate with varying textures and colors for year-round interest. Review the plants in the design plans. Then, choose the plan that best suits your aesthetic preference and landscape needs.

  • Canyon Gray Sagebrush

    Canyon Gray sagebrush (Artemisia californica ‘Canyon Gray’) is a low-growing groundcover that forms an attractive, compact mat of fine-textured, silver-gray foliage. While its flowers are fairly inconspicuous, its foliage has a lovely aroma.

  • Seaside daisy

    Seaside daisy (Erigeron glaucus) is a perennial flower that blooms nearly year-round. Lavender petals surround a golden yellow disc of florets, and stems can have anywhere from 1 to 15 flower heads. Low-growing and evergreen, this daisy also attracts butterflies.

  • Ashyleaf buckwheat

    Ashyleaf buckwheat (Eriogonum cinereum) is an evergreen shrub native to the Long Beach area. It’s an important habitat plant that supports many types of butterflies, moths, birds, and bees. The woolly hairs on its stems and foliage give it a light, silvery gray color. Light pink flower clusters stick out from the plant and bloom nearly year round, turning rust-colored in the fall.

Understanding Your Design 

Each plan is designed for a 10’ long by 4’ wide space. Recommended plant locations can be identified with the planting symbols. Other features in these designs include stepping stones for the step-out area and path, mulch, and a “Native Plants Live Here” sign that you will receive when your parkway is completed. If your parkway strip is longer than 10’, you can simply repeat portions of the design to fill the remaining space. The number of plants that you will receive with your free parkway planting kit will be determined by the length of your parkway. If your parkway is 20 feet for example, and your plant kit calls for 1 plant of a particular species, you will receive 2 total plants and may repeat the design twice in that area.

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