Parkway Program Resources

The following videos were produced to assist you with your landscape transformation.

Program Intro

Welcome to the Native Parkway Program! In this video, our friends at the California Native Society introduce you the benefits of CA natives, showcase some of our favorite Long Beach native plants and breakdown how to understand your kit design.

Installing your Parkway

Installing your parkway may seem intimidating. In this video, our friends at CNPS share their best tips on installing plants and stepping stones, and guidelines for making sure that your parkway project complies with Long Beach City Code.


Irrigation is a key component of maintaining the health of your plants. Unsure of how much you should be watering? In this video the California Native Plant Society  explores the different types of efficient parkway irrigation and addresses the typical watering needs of CA native plants.

Care & Maintenance 

Congratulations! You now have your own native plant parkway. In this video, CNPS touches on all of the basic needs (watering, pruning, mulching) to keep your new native parkway looking sharp!

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